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20000 Secrets of Tea The Most Effective Ways

Brand: Average Rating 33 reviews Teas are the gentle, organic, most advantageous method to absorb the actua...

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33 reviews

Teas are the gentle, organic, most advantageous method to absorb the actual healing properties of herbal products, easily and inexpensively. A simple cup of tea not only has the power to calm and also unwind but to provide therapeutic herbal agents to the bloodstream more rapidly than capsules, tinctures, as well as infusions. Feeling tired? This particular tea will rev you up as well as accentuate your own skin. Need some help with your diet? It will also give the boost you want and help aching joints as well. Hot or iced, these types of natural and simple drinks offer delicious techniques to remain healthy and revitalize you from the inside out.

There is knowledge in this guide that you should equip yourself with. I have always liked tea, but immediately after reading through this book, I now possess a fresh admiration regarding tea. This publication was a good quick read and I will keep it as a reference. It offers a great part that gives you types of tea that will assist you with specific illness. It is a small guide that will effortlessly fit in your purse or backpack. Be armed this cold and flu season!

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Refreshing AriZona Tea


It is easy to spot an AriZona tea can or bottle because of its pretty packaging. Not only is this iced tea recipe intense, refreshing and flavorful, but the cans and bottles themselves are even more refreshing to look at. AriZona tea containers have gorgeous and intricate designs and come in uniquely shaped cans. In the Orient, it is important for food and drinks to be pleasurable for all of the senses, including sight. A colorful and lovely can or bottle makes you feel as if AriZona tea likes their customers better than any other iced tea companies.

Trend Setter

AriZona Tea was the first national iced tea brand in the United States to incorporate distinctive visual designs in their packaging. They also were and still are a company based in America although mostly European-owned. Europe did corner the tea trade market several centuries ago. But the product fell out of favor around the period of the revolution because of heavy taxation. During those times, drinking tea became synonymous with supporting the British Crown rather than the revolutionary movement.

But tea eventually made its comeback; stronger than ever and in multitudes of varying flavors and blends. While green tea was quite popular in the Asian continent for a long time, it only gained some recognition in the Western World about twenty years ago. America is credited as the inventor of iced tea and it was first recorded as being enjoyed by people during in 1904 World’s Fair at St. Louis. AriZona tea is made from all kinds of tea blends. You can chose herbal tea, white tea, green tea or black tea (all iced and pre-sweetened, of course). The AriZona brand has recently branched out into other food and drink products such as chips and salsa, iced coffee, infused spring water and fruit drinks. However, they are still better known for their iced tea products.

If we consider imitation as the sincerest form of flattery, then AriZona tea has been getting high praise from many other beverage companies indeed. In the beginning, ready to drink iced tea was a tiny market. Iced tea was considered something that was too easy to make for someone to buy the ready made. But canned or bottled ice teas became popular with people who wanted to have a glass of iced tea but can’t get to a kettle because they are traveling. Iced tea also makes for a more thirst quenching and less sugary alternative to the usual carbonated soft drinks. AriZona tea is the uncontested leader in ready-to-drink iced teas, despite being a newcomer, hitting the markets in 1992 in New York, then going nationwide the following year.

For their innovative packaging and design, AriZona tea has won many awards including the industry’s leading award, the MOBIUS, for four consecutive years from 1996 until 1999.