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How To Make Your Own Sun Tea

Making sun tea is an iced tea recipe that is easy to do. But if you want to make the best out of your sun tea, there are some things you can do to ach...


Making sun tea is an iced tea recipe that is easy to do. But if you want to make the best out of your sun tea, there are some things you can do to achieve this. You will need to have some patience and a few supplies. Although this ice tea recipe requires the least amount of effort on your part, making tea with solar power takes a lot longer than other methods of making iced tea.

Choosing Your Type of Tea

Some people may prefer making their sun tea with regular black tea bags, but other people find the result a bit on the weak side. If you prefer strong hot black tea, then you the taste of this iced tea recipe will not appeal to you. The advantage of sun tea is that you can use any kind of tea bags , and even a blend of two or more kinds of tea bags for your sun tea.

Instead of the usual black tea, this writer recommends using green tea. You could also combine different tea bags as part green tea, and part herbal tea, perhaps with a fruity flavor. Green tea needs less time to brew than black tea and tastes better if the water is hot but not at its boiling point. The sun will heat up the water with the tea quite well, but will not boil it.

Choosing Your Container

There are many containers you can use for this iced tea recipe. But it is very important that your containers should have lids. If your container does not have a lid, chances are that insects will be attracted to the liquid’s color and unintentionally drown in it. Your iced tea container needs to be have at least a half gallon capacity in order to make a few glasses of iced tea.

Some people can may be able to detect when your iced tea recipe is made in a plastic container or in a glass one. The difference is quite subtle but some people may be sensitive to this. This employs the same logic as when you’re comparing the taste of bottled soft drinks that have previously been packaged in glass containers. There is a difference that can be detected in those that come in plastic bottles.

For best results for this iced tea recipe, simply use one regular sized tea bag per cup of water in the container, fill with cold water and set in a spot that gets the most sun during the day. In the evening, place the container in the refrigerator to chill overnight. For a refreshing finish, serve over ice.

The Benefits of Solar Iced Tea Pitcher


Today more than ever, it is important to use renewable sources of energy such as solar power whenever we can. This might seem like a difficult task, but it is not impossible. The whole planet will be better off if we do even the little that we can. If you like iced tea, for example, and want to ease your impact on the planet, then go solar! Instead of boiling water on your electric or gas stove to brew tea for your iced tea, use a solar iced tea pitcher instead.

The Wait is Worth It

The one disadvantage of using a solar iced tea pitcher instead of a kettle is that it takes a lot longer to make your iced tea. However, you can address this issue by planning ahead of time. What you can do is to make every other jug of iced tea with a solar iced tea pitcher so that you will always have iced tea on hand. Once you get the rhythm of making tea in sun tea jars, then you can switch more to solar resources for making tea.

This process works best when the sun is strong, which for most people is only during the summer and early autumn. Before you leave for work in the morning, fill the solar iced tea pitcher with tea bags and cold water then place it out on a porch or window sill where it gets the most of the sun’s blast during the day. Assuming you are away at least eight hours for work, the tea should be brewed by the time you get home from work. Then, you place the iced tea pitcher in the fridge overnight to chill. Best to serve over ice.

Where to Find

Solar iced tea pitchers or sun tea jars are easy to find in any department stores, house ware shops and even in major supermarket chains especially in the springtime. They can either be made of plastic or glass. Some people may be sensitive to the taste of plastic and prefer glass iced tea pitchers. Because glass sun tea jars are more attractive and sturdy, the are usually more expensive and heavier than the ones made of plastic. Solar iced tea pitchers are usually clear with very minimal designs on them. Avoid picking something that has design all over it. The sun needs to get through, which happens more often with clear plastic or glass.

Solar iced tea pitcher sometimes comes in tea making sets found in supermarkets and even online. If they are not in with glassware or cooking equipment, you can also find them in the patio furniture section of a department store.