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Mighty Leaf Tea Chocolate Mint Truffle Herbal Tea

Brand: Mighty Leaf Tea Average Rating 5 reviews This is a delightful as well as gratifying alternative to th...

Brand: Mighty Leaf Tea
Average Rating
5 reviews

This is a delightful as well as gratifying alternative to those blah non-caffeinated herbal blends. Add some hot soy milk or whole milk and you have got a great beverage that will probably tame your mid-morning or even afternoon sweet tooth. It’s not really chocolatey or minty, nevertheless a nice rounded flavor. Absolutely no licorice, therefore there’s no weird aftertaste. The lower price for the pack of three is actually cost-effective, too! One for house, office and pantry.

From time to time you need a decaffeinated or even no-caffeine hot drink, and this fits the bill. This isn’t really a tea, but it tastes wonderful consistently. It has obtained a mild brew that’s smooth. The mints as well as chocolate flavors are generally really slight; the aftertaste is actually mintier than the actual sip. This most likely is not going to satisfy a chocolate yearning – however it does possess a truly delicious chocolate aroma. I had by no means experimented with rooibos tea before this particular blend, and I must point out I ended up being pleasantly surprised. The brew is nice & a little bit nutty, and is complemented well by the chocolate. A nice change from traditional teas. This particular brew is very light so those who tend to be looking for powerful mint or chocolate look elsewhere. more info

Carrington Tea Chamomile Herbal Tea 20Count Tea Bags

Brand: Carrington Tea
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Herbal teas actually have absolutely no tea leaves at all! Herbals are comprised of the flowers and/or the leaves of various botanicals. The taste and top quality of an herbal are determined by the parts of the botanicals used. The Carrington Tea Company prides itself on making use of only the choicest part of each plant for our 100 % natural as well as caffeine free Herbal Retreats series. Herbals have long been noted for their soothing scents, organic tastes and homeopathic characteristics. The Carrington Tea Company invites you to pull up a chair, get your shoes off, take a seat back, loosen up and get pleasure from the tantalizing flavor of an Herbal Retreat.

Carrington Chamomile can practically transport you to that wonderful meadow of chamomile blossoms. The nice aroma and delicate flavor of this good herbal is distinctive and genuinely wonderous. Enjoy! Serving Suggestion: The only factor that could enhance a steaming cup of Carrington Chamomile is a drop or two of honey!

Carrington Tea creates a variety of scrumptious teas including naturally flavored black teas, green teas, white teas, organics as well as herbal blends.more info