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Davidson’s Organic Tea South African Rooibos 100Count Tea

Brand:Davidson\'s Tea Average Rating 10 reviews Tea as good for you as you expect it to be. Uncompromisingly healthy and delicious teas. USDA Organic...

Brand: Davidson\’s Tea
Average Rating
10 reviews

Tea as good for you as you expect it to be. Uncompromisingly healthy and delicious teas. USDA Organic. Certified Organic by the Nevada Department of Agriculture. more info

The Benefits of Organic White Tea


Not all ingredients used in medicinal or herbal teas necessarily meet organic standards, but only because they are not grown organically yet. There’s a lot of support of organic farming and manufacturing in organic white teas that are commercially available, whether bagged or loose. However, there are about 63 herbs and spices that are organically grown.

Growing Methods

When the label in any organic white tea product says it’s organic, it means that most if not all of the ingredients have been organically farmed. This simply means no chemical pesticides or fertilizers have been used in the farming process. Furthermore, this also means that the growers have been paid a fair wage for their work. This is not the usual case. In such areas such as Indian, African or Asian tea plantations, the workers sometimes get paid pennies with the plantation owners keeping most of the most profit for themselves.

With the rising demand for organically-grown products such as organic white tea, countries are working together to universalize the standards for organic farming. In Europe for example, farms must now pass an inspection in organic standardization tests from the European Union in order for the products to be labeled “organic”. The country which grows the most tea in the world, India, has now implemented organic standards. In the United States, they have the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) as the inspecting and standardization body.

Another difference in organic tea from other kinds of tea is the making of the tea bags. In organic teas, tea bags are not bleached. This rule, however, is enforced more strictly in Europe than in America. Other elements such as tags, staples and strings cause a lot of waste so organic tea products rarely have these.

How Organic White Tea Tastes

Organic white tea has the same rich flavors of non-organic tea. However, some people do claim that they can detect a difference in taste between tea made in a bleached bag from that with a non-bleached one. There are simply a lot of varieties to choose from organic teas. You can find black teas, white teas, green teas, herbal teas, medicinal teas, and blends of tea and herbs.

Today, organic white tea costs more than any other regularly made tea products. But more and more companies are now going organic – even big names like Tetley already have organic choices – causing the prices for organic tea to drop over the years. It is hoped that very soon organic tea products will become more popular for consumers.