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Herbalife Herbal Concentrate Tea Lemon 3.53oz

Brand: Herbalife Average Rating 0 reviews Herbal Concentrate helps its consumers stay energized while strict...

Brand: Herbalife
Average Rating
0 reviews

Herbal Concentrate helps its consumers stay energized while strictly managing their weight. It is a great alternative choice for soft drinks or coffee, as this particular product comes in four flavors, namely raspberry, lemon, peach, and original. It has antioxidants within it, along with the thermogenic benefits brought about by green tea and its fast-acting botanicals with regards to weight management and energy.

Those who take Herbal Concentrate get to experience an energy boost as well as the common benefits usually acquired from green tea. The only thing that consumers need to do is to manage their weight, making sure that their diet is comparatively low in calories and carbohydrates.

This scrumptious tea mix from Herbalife can actually be savored for the entire day, all for an all-natural energy lift. The desired dose of this product, according to medical professionals is to combine a half teaspoon’s worth of the tea with six to eight fluid ounces of hot or cold water. more info

Caudalie Draining Organic Herbal Teas 20 ea

Brand: Caudalie
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The scrumptious Caudalie Draining Organic Herbal Teas contain a beautiful combination of five organic health-promoting plants which aid you to take care of your silhouette, promote drainage and aid your weight reduction plans.

These draining herbal teas have red vine and were specifically created for the Tea Room of our Vinotherapie® Spas. They are 100% natural, Ecocertsas F-32600 qualified and the plant ingredients are resulting from organic and natural agriculture. Developed exclusively for the Vinothérapie® Spa Tea Room, these delicious herbal teas (20 bags/sachets) promote drainage and are a perfect diet plan support. For those who want to be able to take care of their silhouette while taking pleasure in a delicious, fruity tea.

Steep the tea bag five minutes in a cup of boiling water and then drink it hot, cold or even iced. You can steep 3 bags in 1.5 liters of water, even cold water. Sip on the tea all day long. For a diet program, steep three tea bags within a liter and a half of boiling water, permit it to cool, pour into a water bottle and accent with lemon juice. more info

Favoring Iced Tea


If they are giving out awards for the person who loves iced tea the most, they would probably choose my mother. An image of my mother doesn’t seem complete if she is not holding a tall glass of one of her favored iced tea recipes in one or even both of her hands. The tea glass becomes her scepter. She holds it very elegantly and takes dainty, little sips. Whenever I go home, watching my mother drink her iced tea is the one thing that makes me feel that I am home indeed. And my Mom isn’t the only one who favors iced tea recipes – you probably know of one or several others.

An American Favorite

Iced tea recipes began appearing in American cookbooks in the late 1860s. These cookbooks however, were not widely distributed. Iced tea became an official hit when it was served during the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis. It has grown in popularity ever since, especially with the advent of developments in refrigeration. Iced tea recipes have become especially popular as a summertime drink.

The popularity of iced tea recipes in the States never caught on in other countries. English and Irish children are generally raised on hot tea, so the taste of watered down cold tea may be unappealing for them. The United States and some parts of South America are really the only countries that have actively embraced iced tea recipes as part of their daily lives.

Cold Vs Hot

To make iced tea, you make a pot of regular tea, add a sweetener (this being the optional scenario), mix it in a pitcher and fill with cold water. The usual ratio of tea to cold water is about one to three. Since served over ice, iced tea does not give you the full flavor of cooled off hot tea. While some may say that iced tea recipes create only tea-favored water, it is however, incredibly refreshing. Lots of people who favor iced tea recipes like my mother like to add fresh slices of lemon or lime in their tea. Still others like to add a fresh sprig of mint as well. While some cold tea drinkers may prefer it, most people who love iced tea never put any milk in it.

Iced tea powders are quite inferior to the taste of the real thing, although they are easier to find in supermarkets. The disadvantage of powdered tea mixtures is that you have no control over the amount of sweetener, and the artificial flavorings or preservatives added into it. But if you love Kool-Aid, however, you will most likely enjoy instant tea mixes. A real iced tea gourmand like my mother would never drink instant tea, but always cooled off real tea mixed with water. If you try to fool them with instant iced tea recipes, you will never succeed. They always know the difference.