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White Tea For The Discerning Taste

There is a a lot of variety of tea products available out there. There’s black tea, green tea, the various colors of herbal teas – and just recent...


There is a a lot of variety of tea products available out there. There’s black tea, green tea, the various colors of herbal teas – and just recently, organic white tea is fast becoming very popular. Although finding organic white tea in the Western world has gotten much easier, the price remains to be quite steep. Organic white tea is one of the rarest types of tea in the world. You will generally have to pay more for this kind of tea, despite internationally distributed brands coming out with white tea bags such as Celestial Seasonings.

Organic White Tea Not White

Unlike black and green teas, organic white tea is not named after the color that it makes when mixed with water. Organic white tea is made from unopened tea leaf buds, which have a white fuzzy covering on them. It takes a lot more tea leaf buds to make a cup of organic white tea than i the kind using the bigger tea leaves. Organic white tea is the least processed and least fermented of all tea types, and loaded with antioxidants which help the body’s immune system. Antioxidants present in all tea products are thought to help the body fight cancer.

How Organic White Tea Tastes

To put it bluntly, the taste of organic white tea is something that you either really love or really hate. Most people who have consumed iced tea made from organic white tea, think that it is a sweet and refreshing drink. This tea, by itself, has such a mild taste that is very subtle and may be difficult to detect. However, this mildness allows it to blend well with fruit flavors. Commercially available tea bags are usually a blend of organic white tea buds and fruit flavors. One of the most unusual blends out in the market is organic white tea blended with lavender. Some people claim that although this blend smelled nice, the taste is hardly there.

You can find decaffeinated bags available for sale in grocery stores, health food shops, tea specialty shops and their online equivalents, although there is really very little caffeine in organic white tea. Some people prefer loose tea to the bags. You can make organic loose tea in pots or in individual mugs, depending on your taste and needs.

Organic white tea needs to be steeped in hot, NOT boiling water. You can leave the bag in or remove it as you start sipping. Brown sugar or honey is recommended as a sweetener more than processed white sugar since this tends to overwhelm the tea. Some people prefer to drink organic white tea unsweetened.

Sweetened Green Tea As Shock Remedy


One of the most effective remedy for shock is by getting a person to drink a cup of hot, sweetened green tea. Drinking green tea helps the victim to regain some sense of balance. The shock victim must be fully conscious before given the drink. Despite what you see in the movies, it is not advisable to give liquids to an unconscious person. Swallowing is mostly a voluntary reflex, so an unconscious person made to drink will most probably choke.

Recognizing Shock

The word shock has many meanings in medical language. When a person goes through a traumatic event, his or her body goes into a mild shock although they still remain awake. A severe shock can cause unconsciousness or even seizures. Seizures are caused by the plummeting of the body’s core temperature, and could set a person’s teeth to chattering even on a sunny day. People who are in shock either act half-crazed with shaking and screaming, babble incoherently, or stare catatonically at nothing in particular. Drinking green tea that is sweetened works best for this last example of the manifestations of shock.

Most people experience mild shock when they witness a traumatic event such as seeing their home burn to the ground or witness a heinous crime being committed. They can also go into shock after suffering a natural disaster or even in grief. Some people go into shock when they get sudden unexpected bad news such as discovering their home has been vandalized or finding out that their marriage partner ran off with someone else. Drinking green tea that is sweetened can help a person recover from these instances too.

What Kind?

It doesn’t really matter what kind of hot, sweet tea you make for these instances but green tea is preferred. If the person you are making the drink for usually takes one spoonful of sugar in their tea, make it two. Hot, sweet tea also works with other tea types such as black tea or herbal tea. Hot, sweet tea will help provide warmth for the person and help replenish depleted energy reserves. Drinking green tea that is sweetened and hot will also give the person something familiar to do, and thus is comforting.

The comforts offered by a mug of a hot drink is familiar to just about everyone on the planet. Each one of us has been drinking hot beverages since childhood. Over time, the repetitive actions of drinking a good hot beverage has become synonymous with feelings of safety and relaxation. That is how hot, sweet tea works its magic.

Drinking green tea that is hot and sweetened works better than cocoa or coffee as a remedy for shock because it is not dehydrating like the latter two. Dehydration causes disorientation and this is one of the last things a person suffering from mild shock needs.