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Tulsi Tea Original 18 Bags

Brand:Organic India Average Rating 2 reviews A Delicious blend of Rama, Krishna and Vana Tulsi (Holy Basil) leaves and blossoms. ...

Brand: Organic India
Average Rating
2 reviews

A Delicious blend of Rama, Krishna and Vana Tulsi (Holy Basil) leaves and blossoms. 100% ORGANIC Delicious, fragrant, exquisite the finest Rama, Krishna and Vana Tulsi leaves and blossoms are expertly blended to create a soothing, uplifting, full-bodied beverage that is inspiringly fresh and flavorful. Tulsi, ‘The Queen of Herbs’ encourages tranquility, clarity, robust immunity and stamina. It offers respite from colds and flu, and helps to balance the metabolism. With its rich taste and astonishing array of health benefits, The Original Tulsi Tea is, quite simply… perfect. Tulsi is becoming well-known worldwide for its healing, immune supporting and stress relieving properties as well as being a rich source of anti-oxidants. Excellent for your health and absolutely delicious! Caffeine free herbal tea! Experience Tulsi’sTraditional Benefits* Reduces Stress/ more info

Acai Slim Plus: Power of Green Tea in Weight Loss


The type of lifestyle that we have today demands more from our body than what our grandparents’ bodies did during their times. Frequent trips to fast food chains, daily consumption of food additives, nonexistent exercise.  All these lead cause our bodies to work doubly hard to protect it from damage. But, sooner or later our bodies give out: we become overweight and worse, we become prone to diseases.

It is no wonder then that a lot of natural health supplements are clogging the market today. These products offer long term weight loss, protection from disease and others.
Of course, with the economy at a standstill and we prefer to use products that offer a lot of punch. This is why the superfood acai berry, which is known for its numerous health benefits, is popular.

Acai Slim Plus, made from only high quality acai extracts, can offer you those health benefits minus the worry of side effects.

Acai Slim Plus works its magic not only on your weight problems; it can also protect you with its high levels of antioxidants.

This acai berry health supplement does not take on extra weight lightly. If you mean business in getting all those extra and unhealthy weight off, Acai Slim Plus is your solution. Using the potency that acai berry is known for, your energy is doubled with this product thus enabling you to have more stamina to supplement your exercise regimen.

Acai Slim Plus also contains unadulterated extracts of green tea, another potent antioxidant, thus adding more power to the products’ ability to protect you from: cancer, obesity, diabetes, heart problems.

Any weight loss program cannot work on supplements alone. Acai Slim Plus aims to supplement your weight loss dreams. Taking it while you are doing your exercise regimen and maintaining a healthy diet would assure you to best results.