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Green Tea Promotes Skin Tightening in Belisi Rx

Natural skin care products are great to help you eliminate and prevent wrinkles. Today we are lucky to have a wide variety of anti-aging products to h...


Natural skin care products are great to help you eliminate and prevent wrinkles. Today we are lucky to have a wide variety of anti-aging products to help us get better choices. Some of these products come in the form of creams while others might be vitamin supplements that we consume. The goal of all of these skin care products is the same: to diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles that can appear on our faces as we age.

Belisi Rx Instant Skin Tightener is a naturally formulated anti-aging product. It’s formula employs organic Green Tea with a Proprietary Delivery Mechanism to give you tighter skin today and healthier skin for the rest of your life.

According to several researches, Green Tea has been shown to suppress inflammation, regulate the expression of Caspase-14, a protein in genes that regulates the life cycle of a skin cell.

Belisi Rx Instant Skin Tightener also contains the following powerful ingredients which both tighten the skin and create a soft silky feel:

Peppermint Oil which is a clear oil derivative taken from the peppermint plant through distillation.  It is slightly antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and toning. It can stimulate active cell regeneration.

Shea Butter is a derivative of the nut of the karite tree of West Africa, where it is commonly used in soap. It acts as a natural moisturizer and skin tightener. It also contains cinnamic acid, which helps protect your skin against ultraviolet light. Shea Butter, contains fatty acids that promote the healing and regeneration of the skin.

Using skin care products to eliminate wrinkles is easy enough to do. Products like Belisi Rx are readily available.
While many skin care products can eliminate wrinkles you can also do other things to help protect your skin. Drinking a lot of water is a great place to start. Wearing sunscreen on a regular basis is another way to protect your skin. Doing things like this in addition to using skin care products to eliminate wrinkles is a great way to keep your skin looking great.

Belisi Rx is Made in the USA using All-Natural Ingredients to preserve the youth of your skin.

Green Tea RX: Anti-Aging Solution


Everyone can have long-term healthy, beautiful and vibrant skin by using natural facial skin care. It is an affordable luxury that works wonders for all skin types and tones, as well as for all ages. Natural facial skin care products are made specifically to safely treat acne, rosacea, eczema and other skin disorders, as well as to fight the signs of aging skin.

Green Tea RX is one such product. This anti aging cream helps you attain that healthy and glowing skin without having to worry about harmful side effects.

As we age, our protection against diseases decreases and this includes skin problems. Just because it is an inevitable phenomenon does not mean we should just allow it to happen to us. We have to be proactive when it comes to our health if we want to live a long and healthy life.

Constant exposure to the sun and the chemicals found in soaps may lead to different skin problems.

This anti aging cream gives you that gentle, natural and efficient treatment that your skin needs and deserves.
How does Green Tea RX do this?

The ingredients of this anti aging cream are specially mixed not only to combat the natural aging process but also to be a future barrier for your skin. The main ingredients of Green Tea RX include: Green Tea extract, anti-oxidants, nourishing protein, as well as anti-carcinogens.

The antioxidants found in the formula of Green Tea RX protect you by hydrating and moisturizing your skin. They also slow the aging process thus making your skin healthy and firm. This natural facial skin care product helps in eliminating the damages caused by free radicals, consequently removing wrinkles.

The anti-carcinogens in this anti aging cream mainly contain collagen. Collagen is important in your skin’s ability to recover after damage. By using Green Tea RX, you can look forward to a younger look as soon as seven days use of this product.

If you want to maintain the health of your skin, it is important to remember that prevention is always better than treatment. By taking care of your skin now with natural skin care products like Green Tea RX, you are helping your skin preserve its well being.

Liquid Green Tea Extract Has Multiple Uses


Green tea is a very popular beverage and people all over the world drink it either hot or cold because of the extensive number of health benefits related to it. Green tea is made by steaming the fresh unfermented leaves of the plant Camellia sinensis. Other teas are made using the same plant, but green tea is acquired in a way that does not oxidize the beneficial antioxidants, which are called catechin polyphenols.

Green tea is full of catechins and bioflavonoids which counterbalance the damage done by harmful free radicals in the body. Extensive scientific research suggests that green tea can help lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels, neutralize cancer causing carcinogens, slow down viruses and bacteria, help with the metabolism of fat, boost digestive and respiratory health and defend the body against stroke and cardiovascular diseases.

Why The Liquid Variety Is Best

You can drink green tea as a beverage or purchase green tea leaf extract in capsule or liquid form. Liquid green tea extract is great for people who cannot manage to swallow capsules without gagging and retching. It also enters the bloodstream more rapidly than a capsule because it does not have to be poken down in the gut before it can be absorbed. You can take liquid green tea extract directly, put it into a glass of water or include it in a recipe. For instance, if you go online you will find recipes for pound cake, ice cream, smoothies and Teriyaki chicken that include liquid green tea extract.

Skin Care

Liquid green tea extract has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, astringent and antioxidant properties. It is therefore a great ingredient for skin care products. You can purchase bath, body and skin care products that already contain liquid green tea extract, or make your own. Liquid green tea extract is great for face and body moisturizers, soaps and face masques. You can even add a few drops of it directly to your bath water if you want.

Where To Find It

Liquid green tea extract is a popular product with numerous different uses, which is what makes it very easy to find and purchase. It is widely available at various health food shops and you can also purchase it on the web. On average a bottle of liquid green tea extract costs between five and twenty dollars. However, the most expensive varieties can cost as much as forty or fifty dollars. If you look around and see what is available you are bound to find some liquid green tea extract that suits your particular budget.