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Organic Loose Leaf Tea And Its Benefits

More and more people are now becoming health conscious and they are turning to organic loose leaf tea for its natural properties that are said to prom...


More and more people are now becoming health conscious and they are turning to organic loose leaf tea for its natural properties that are said to promote better health. Organic loose leaf tea or any other tea products are preferred by many because they contain less caffeine and the slightly astringent taste of the hot drink is appealing to them. There are four basic types including black tea, oolong, green and white so named due to the process with which they are individually processed and their maturity at the time they are picked.

Most tea comes from bushes that would grow into trees if left unattended. Most growers keep them trimmed between three and four feet to allow for ease in picking the top leaves. The growing season varies by region, the top leaves of the tea bush are picked and the bush will offer new leaves in another two or three weeks. The leaves are picked during various stages of their growth. For example, white tea is made from only the youngest leaves that have not yet begun their natural fermentation process.

Many growers protect the tea bushes from the sun to minimize the amount of chlorophyll in the leaves, providing a more pure taste. Black tea, the most popular type sold around the world, are made from leaves that are left on the bush until the fermentation process is well underway.

One tea distributor started selling leaves in cloth bags and users quickly learned they could place the entire bag in boiling water and infuse the flavor into their drink. This practice quickly became popular but there was a pause in the making of tea bags during the war. At the end of World War II however, Tetley began selling paper tea bags, which made it a top selling drink in the world.

Organic loose leaf tea is a natural source of amino acid theanine and polyphenolic antioxidant catechins, which are highly valued for their health benefits. Many believe that drinking organic loose leaf tea such as green tea or white tea offers more health benefits as they contain more of these natural products than black tea or even oolong tea.

Brewing times and temperatures will vary depending on the type of tea being brewed as well as on individual tastes. Green, white and those organic loose leaf tea that are considered more delicate can be brewed at temperatures under 200 degrees, while black and oolong are typically steeped in water just below the 212 degree boiling point.

Green Tea Supplements for a Flavorful Tea


A Variety of Choices

before you bring in the green tea supplements, get your tea making equipment set up first. It needn’t be fancy or expensive. You can boil your tea in a regular saucepan and drain the mixture with a sieve before serving. You can also use tea balls and tea strainers as an aid to transfer the liquid in and out of a tea pot or individual cup.

One of the best ways of making tea for one or two cups is with a caffettiera. This is used mainly for making coffee and is more known as a “coffee plunger”. You put the selected green tea supplements such as chopped fruit, spices or the like into the glass beaker. After steeping your mixture in boiling hot water for around ten minutes, put the plunger apparatus on top of the beaker and push down. This process traps all of the solid matter, leaving your tea free of chunks and ready to sip. For best results, use one cupped handful of fresh, roughly chopped herbs or a half a teaspoon of dried herbs for each cup of tea you are making.

Making tea with green tea supplements goes just like any other recipe. You can either follow the recipe to the letter, or use it a guideline for improvisation to suit your own personal taste. Some herbs like mint or lemon balm can be enhanced with sweeteners, while some herbs like rosemary taste better with lemon juice added instead of sugar. Some herbs may have quite a bitter taste and would need to be sweetened in order to appeal more to the palate.

Once you have mastered these steps, you can start experimenting with spices and fruits to see what flavor combinations you can come up with. You might find that you need to cut back on the sweetener as your taste buds become accustomed to herbal teas. It is also important to take note of how your body reacts to the green tea supplements in your tea for future reference. Ginger green tea, for example, tends to heat up the body very quickly which is perfect for cold, winter nights. So what are you waiting for? Make your unique blend of tea.