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Teavana Monkey Picked Oolong Tea

Wu long is known around the world under a variety of names, including oolong (the most popular name) and Wu-Yi tea. Wu Long tea is known around the wo...


Wu long is known around the world under a variety of names, including oolong (the most popular name) and Wu-Yi tea. Wu Long tea is known around the world as a delicious, light tea with barely any caffeine content. The benefits of oolong tea have always been popular in the Orient but this product has recently risen in demand in the West as a diet aid.

Wu long tea is made of the same tea leaves as green tea and black tea, but has been processed differently, to add a more delicate and slightly nutty flavor. Green tea is made directly from the leaves of the tea bush known as Camellia sinensis. Black tea is processed by roasting and drying and sometimes blended with other flavors. But oolong tea leaves have been sun or air dried, rolled and bruised, then partially cooked. This intensive process is the reason why oolong tea is more expensive than other types of tea products.

The palate for oolong tea is something that is acquired. This is a very light but smooth tea that lacks the bitterness of green tea or any other flavor for that matter. Some people have never really gotten used to its taste, and usually prefer black, green and herbal teas to oolong. But oolong tea is the perfect choice if you need a low-caffeine hot drink to soothe the stomach.

The Teavana Monkey Picked Oolong Tea is the ultimate oolong tea. When infused, the unbroken, evenly-sized leaves gracefully unfurl to reveal the most complex Oolong bouquet available. Its legendary name refers to Buddist monks who trained monkeys to harvest the youngest leaves from the top of the wild tea trees. Presently the term “Monkey Picked” refers to the highest quality of Oolong tea available. This tea is perfect for multiple infusions.

Oolong tea does not usually come in tea bags because of the shape of the leaves. It is usually available in loose form. Teavana Monkey Picked Oolong Tea comes in 2oz for only $25.

Green Tea Supplements for a Flavorful Tea


A Variety of Choices

before you bring in the green tea supplements, get your tea making equipment set up first. It needn’t be fancy or expensive. You can boil your tea in a regular saucepan and drain the mixture with a sieve before serving. You can also use tea balls and tea strainers as an aid to transfer the liquid in and out of a tea pot or individual cup.

One of the best ways of making tea for one or two cups is with a caffettiera. This is used mainly for making coffee and is more known as a “coffee plunger”. You put the selected green tea supplements such as chopped fruit, spices or the like into the glass beaker. After steeping your mixture in boiling hot water for around ten minutes, put the plunger apparatus on top of the beaker and push down. This process traps all of the solid matter, leaving your tea free of chunks and ready to sip. For best results, use one cupped handful of fresh, roughly chopped herbs or a half a teaspoon of dried herbs for each cup of tea you are making.

Making tea with green tea supplements goes just like any other recipe. You can either follow the recipe to the letter, or use it a guideline for improvisation to suit your own personal taste. Some herbs like mint or lemon balm can be enhanced with sweeteners, while some herbs like rosemary taste better with lemon juice added instead of sugar. Some herbs may have quite a bitter taste and would need to be sweetened in order to appeal more to the palate.

Once you have mastered these steps, you can start experimenting with spices and fruits to see what flavor combinations you can come up with. You might find that you need to cut back on the sweetener as your taste buds become accustomed to herbal teas. It is also important to take note of how your body reacts to the green tea supplements in your tea for future reference. Ginger green tea, for example, tends to heat up the body very quickly which is perfect for cold, winter nights. So what are you waiting for? Make your unique blend of tea.