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Refreshing AriZona Tea

It is easy to spot an AriZona tea can or bottle because of its pretty packaging. Not only is this iced tea recipe intense, refreshing and flavorful, b...


It is easy to spot an AriZona tea can or bottle because of its pretty packaging. Not only is this iced tea recipe intense, refreshing and flavorful, but the cans and bottles themselves are even more refreshing to look at. AriZona tea containers have gorgeous and intricate designs and come in uniquely shaped cans. In the Orient, it is important for food and drinks to be pleasurable for all of the senses, including sight. A colorful and lovely can or bottle makes you feel as if AriZona tea likes their customers better than any other iced tea companies.

Trend Setter

AriZona Tea was the first national iced tea brand in the United States to incorporate distinctive visual designs in their packaging. They also were and still are a company based in America although mostly European-owned. Europe did corner the tea trade market several centuries ago. But the product fell out of favor around the period of the revolution because of heavy taxation. During those times, drinking tea became synonymous with supporting the British Crown rather than the revolutionary movement.

But tea eventually made its comeback; stronger than ever and in multitudes of varying flavors and blends. While green tea was quite popular in the Asian continent for a long time, it only gained some recognition in the Western World about twenty years ago. America is credited as the inventor of iced tea and it was first recorded as being enjoyed by people during in 1904 World’s Fair at St. Louis. AriZona tea is made from all kinds of tea blends. You can chose herbal tea, white tea, green tea or black tea (all iced and pre-sweetened, of course). The AriZona brand has recently branched out into other food and drink products such as chips and salsa, iced coffee, infused spring water and fruit drinks. However, they are still better known for their iced tea products.

If we consider imitation as the sincerest form of flattery, then AriZona tea has been getting high praise from many other beverage companies indeed. In the beginning, ready to drink iced tea was a tiny market. Iced tea was considered something that was too easy to make for someone to buy the ready made. But canned or bottled ice teas became popular with people who wanted to have a glass of iced tea but can’t get to a kettle because they are traveling. Iced tea also makes for a more thirst quenching and less sugary alternative to the usual carbonated soft drinks. AriZona tea is the uncontested leader in ready-to-drink iced teas, despite being a newcomer, hitting the markets in 1992 in New York, then going nationwide the following year.

For their innovative packaging and design, AriZona tea has won many awards including the industry’s leading award, the MOBIUS, for four consecutive years from 1996 until 1999.

Bubble Tea: A Fun Iced Tea Recipe


Not a lot of people know about bubble tea. Originating in Taiwan, this is a relatively recent innovation in iced tea recipes. It has gained some popularity in the west in the past twenty years. This iced tea recipe is not easy to make, which is probably why it hasn’t quickly become popular over the world. However, this may also be attributed to the fact that bubble tea is well-loved in the Orient and its production has been carefully guarded with the aim for the recipe to remain a secret.

What Is Bubble Tea?

Bubble tea also called pearl tea. It is a specially frothy type of drink with chewy “pearls” or tapioca-like balls in it. The original pearl tea was hot Taiwanese black with condensed milk, honey and tapioca balls resting on the bottom of the cup. The name is derived from the layer of froth produced on the top that looks like bubbles. It is a sweet, rich drink that could be a dessert in itself. Many variations have come out since, using different kinds of teas, spices, flavorings and different types of “pearls”.

The tiny pearls on bubble teas average about 6 mm in diameter and are originally made of tapioca starch, but also now are made of egg pudding, aloe pieces, coconut jelly, coffee jelly, lychee jelly or konjac jelly. A popular variant of the tapioca starch being mixed with green tea, gives the pearls a green color and a much more chewy texture. Tapioca is a product from the South American cassava plant. When cassava was introduced to the Orient in the 1800’s, it became a big hit. Today, you can find cassava in almost any store and outdoor market in the Orient from Turkey to Taipei.

The Drink Is Half The Fun

You cannot call a bubble tea a real bubble tea unless it is served exactly the way it should be served. Bubble teas need to be served in paper or plastic cups with over sized plastic dome lids and over sized plastic straws so you can suck up the pearls which usually settle at the bottom of the cup. The enjoyment of the drink can only be compared by how many people in the United States feel about Slurpees: you can only truly enjoy in the Slurpee experience if you use a plastic spoon-straw.

This iced tea recipe has spawned all kinds of bubble drink variations – bubble coffee, bubble fruit juices and bubble slushies. It has stopped becoming necessary to have tea anymore in order to enjoy a bubble drink. You do need machinery to help in the making of bubble tea as in the making of latté drinks and cappuccinos. You need either a cocktail shaker or a good blender. The straw can be acquired at any supermarket. While it may take a couple of hours to bake the tapioca dough pearls into bubble tea pearls, this is certainly easier than flying off to Taiwan just to enjoy this drink.

How To Make Your Own Sun Tea


Making sun tea is an iced tea recipe that is easy to do. But if you want to make the best out of your sun tea, there are some things you can do to achieve this. You will need to have some patience and a few supplies. Although this ice tea recipe requires the least amount of effort on your part, making tea with solar power takes a lot longer than other methods of making iced tea.

Choosing Your Type of Tea

Some people may prefer making their sun tea with regular black tea bags, but other people find the result a bit on the weak side. If you prefer strong hot black tea, then you the taste of this iced tea recipe will not appeal to you. The advantage of sun tea is that you can use any kind of tea bags , and even a blend of two or more kinds of tea bags for your sun tea.

Instead of the usual black tea, this writer recommends using green tea. You could also combine different tea bags as part green tea, and part herbal tea, perhaps with a fruity flavor. Green tea needs less time to brew than black tea and tastes better if the water is hot but not at its boiling point. The sun will heat up the water with the tea quite well, but will not boil it.

Choosing Your Container

There are many containers you can use for this iced tea recipe. But it is very important that your containers should have lids. If your container does not have a lid, chances are that insects will be attracted to the liquid’s color and unintentionally drown in it. Your iced tea container needs to be have at least a half gallon capacity in order to make a few glasses of iced tea.

Some people can may be able to detect when your iced tea recipe is made in a plastic container or in a glass one. The difference is quite subtle but some people may be sensitive to this. This employs the same logic as when you’re comparing the taste of bottled soft drinks that have previously been packaged in glass containers. There is a difference that can be detected in those that come in plastic bottles.

For best results for this iced tea recipe, simply use one regular sized tea bag per cup of water in the container, fill with cold water and set in a spot that gets the most sun during the day. In the evening, place the container in the refrigerator to chill overnight. For a refreshing finish, serve over ice.