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Everything About Organic Teas

Trying to stay fit in the modern world is hard to do. Simply because good food abounds and we all know that it is everyone’s weakness. If we let thi...


Trying to stay fit in the modern world is hard to do. Simply because good food abounds and we all know that it is everyone’s weakness. If we let this weakness take over we lose control and we end up gaining more and more weight. In addition to that we are also exposed to a lot of harmful pollutants in our environment. With all these staying healthy is indeed a challenge. This is the reason why we should be careful especially if we want to live longer. For centuries that Chinese have relied on organic teas. They drank organic teas in order to maintain their health as well as cure illnesses like colds and cough and body aches and pains.

Organic teas have been around for centuries but it only made a name in the Western world just recently. Due to its new found fame organic teas have slowly made its way to everyone’s cupboard. In fact several people prefer to drink organic teas than coffee. This is probably because organic teas are known to have various and numerous health benefits. There is no denying that hearing about health benefits can certainly catch one’s attention simply because we all want to stay healthy despite living in a seemingly unhealthy world.  Organic teas are readily available in fact it is even sold at local grocery stores and retail stores.

What are organic teas? Well organic teas are tea leaves from tea shrubs that are grown organically. To make organic teas the source of the tea leaves has to grown the organic way. How is it done? Well for starters organic means without the use of any fertilizers and pesticides. So for a tea shrub to be organic it has to be grown naturally without using any fertilizers and pesticides. Organic teas are said to be healthier because it doesn’t contain any other ingredients and are not enhanced artificially therefore all the essential vitamins and minerals are safely locked inside.

Organic teas are healthy drinks. In fact organic teas can also be served cold or with ice. So during a hot summer’s day you can refresh and rehydrate by drinking cold organic teas. These are healthier and more beneficial than drinking soda after sweating. As for the taste there is no need to worry because organic teas are rich in taste and flavor as well as the aroma. So you really don’t have enough reason why you should ignore or set aside organic teas.

Organic Loose Leaf Tea Basics


Tea is probably the healthiest drink. Tea has been around for years but not everyone gets to appreciate it because only a few knows about its medicinal properties as well as the health benefits one get from sipping tea. This health drink is believed to have originated from China and the ancient Chinese have been drinking tea for thousands of years already. They drink tea for several reasons one is to keep themselves healthy and another is to heal bodily ailments.

Despite being present for centuries tea has never been that popular in the western countries not until recently. Tea is made from tea leaves that are harvested from tea shrubs and tea shrubs are often grown organically. Tea brewed from tea leaves that are harvested from organically grown tea shrubs is otherwise known as organic loose leaf tea.

Organic loose leaf tea is tea brewed from plain tea leaves. For those who are not familiar with tea, tea can be brewed in two ways one is through the use of a tea bag that contains crushed and dried tea leaves and another is through the use of plain tea leaves. Plain tea leaves are known as loose leaf and the tea made from it is known as loose leaf tea. Since most tea shrubs are grown organically the tea leaves are organic as well. So the tea made from this is known as organic loose leaf tea. Proponents of organic farming believed that organically grown plants is healthier than plants grown otherwise.

Organic plants are grown without the use of any fertilizers or pesticides and tea shrubs are the best examples of organically grown plants. Organic loose leaf tea is said to be more beneficial because the health properties of organic tea leaves are locked inside since it didn’t go under any form of processing. People are apprehensive to use organic loose leaf tea simply because they are unsure as to whether or not it will taste good. However, avid organic loose leaf tea drinkers claim that organic loose leaf tea is as tasty as non organic loose leaf tea. So if want to maximize the benefits you get from drinking tea then you might want to try organic loose leaf tea.

Organic loose leaf tea is no longer uncommon. In fact more and more people are becoming avid fans of this tea. Organic loose leaf tea is widely available so you can always purchase it at your nearest retailer. There is no need to worry about because organic loose leaf tea is safe and not only that it can also help you lose weight depending on the type of loose leaf tea you drink.

The Benefits of Organic White Tea


Not all ingredients used in medicinal or herbal teas necessarily meet organic standards, but only because they are not grown organically yet. There’s a lot of support of organic farming and manufacturing in organic white teas that are commercially available, whether bagged or loose. However, there are about 63 herbs and spices that are organically grown.

Growing Methods

When the label in any organic white tea product says it’s organic, it means that most if not all of the ingredients have been organically farmed. This simply means no chemical pesticides or fertilizers have been used in the farming process. Furthermore, this also means that the growers have been paid a fair wage for their work. This is not the usual case. In such areas such as Indian, African or Asian tea plantations, the workers sometimes get paid pennies with the plantation owners keeping most of the most profit for themselves.

With the rising demand for organically-grown products such as organic white tea, countries are working together to universalize the standards for organic farming. In Europe for example, farms must now pass an inspection in organic standardization tests from the European Union in order for the products to be labeled “organic”. The country which grows the most tea in the world, India, has now implemented organic standards. In the United States, they have the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) as the inspecting and standardization body.

Another difference in organic tea from other kinds of tea is the making of the tea bags. In organic teas, tea bags are not bleached. This rule, however, is enforced more strictly in Europe than in America. Other elements such as tags, staples and strings cause a lot of waste so organic tea products rarely have these.

How Organic White Tea Tastes

Organic white tea has the same rich flavors of non-organic tea. However, some people do claim that they can detect a difference in taste between tea made in a bleached bag from that with a non-bleached one. There are simply a lot of varieties to choose from organic teas. You can find black teas, white teas, green teas, herbal teas, medicinal teas, and blends of tea and herbs.

Today, organic white tea costs more than any other regularly made tea products. But more and more companies are now going organic – even big names like Tetley already have organic choices – causing the prices for organic tea to drop over the years. It is hoped that very soon organic tea products will become more popular for consumers.