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Liquid Green Tea Extract Has Multiple Uses

Green tea is a very popular beverage and people all over the world drink it either hot or cold because of the extensive number of health benefits rela...


Green tea is a very popular beverage and people all over the world drink it either hot or cold because of the extensive number of health benefits related to it. Green tea is made by steaming the fresh unfermented leaves of the plant Camellia sinensis. Other teas are made using the same plant, but green tea is acquired in a way that does not oxidize the beneficial antioxidants, which are called catechin polyphenols.

Green tea is full of catechins and bioflavonoids which counterbalance the damage done by harmful free radicals in the body. Extensive scientific research suggests that green tea can help lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels, neutralize cancer causing carcinogens, slow down viruses and bacteria, help with the metabolism of fat, boost digestive and respiratory health and defend the body against stroke and cardiovascular diseases.

Why The Liquid Variety Is Best

You can drink green tea as a beverage or purchase green tea leaf extract in capsule or liquid form. Liquid green tea extract is great for people who cannot manage to swallow capsules without gagging and retching. It also enters the bloodstream more rapidly than a capsule because it does not have to be poken down in the gut before it can be absorbed. You can take liquid green tea extract directly, put it into a glass of water or include it in a recipe. For instance, if you go online you will find recipes for pound cake, ice cream, smoothies and Teriyaki chicken that include liquid green tea extract.

Skin Care

Liquid green tea extract has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, astringent and antioxidant properties. It is therefore a great ingredient for skin care products. You can purchase bath, body and skin care products that already contain liquid green tea extract, or make your own. Liquid green tea extract is great for face and body moisturizers, soaps and face masques. You can even add a few drops of it directly to your bath water if you want.

Where To Find It

Liquid green tea extract is a popular product with numerous different uses, which is what makes it very easy to find and purchase. It is widely available at various health food shops and you can also purchase it on the web. On average a bottle of liquid green tea extract costs between five and twenty dollars. However, the most expensive varieties can cost as much as forty or fifty dollars. If you look around and see what is available you are bound to find some liquid green tea extract that suits your particular budget.

Organic Loose Leaf Tea And Its Benefits


More and more people are now becoming health conscious and they are turning to organic loose leaf tea for its natural properties that are said to promote better health. Organic loose leaf tea or any other tea products are preferred by many because they contain less caffeine and the slightly astringent taste of the hot drink is appealing to them. There are four basic types including black tea, oolong, green and white so named due to the process with which they are individually processed and their maturity at the time they are picked.

Most tea comes from bushes that would grow into trees if left unattended. Most growers keep them trimmed between three and four feet to allow for ease in picking the top leaves. The growing season varies by region, the top leaves of the tea bush are picked and the bush will offer new leaves in another two or three weeks. The leaves are picked during various stages of their growth. For example, white tea is made from only the youngest leaves that have not yet begun their natural fermentation process.

Many growers protect the tea bushes from the sun to minimize the amount of chlorophyll in the leaves, providing a more pure taste. Black tea, the most popular type sold around the world, are made from leaves that are left on the bush until the fermentation process is well underway.

One tea distributor started selling leaves in cloth bags and users quickly learned they could place the entire bag in boiling water and infuse the flavor into their drink. This practice quickly became popular but there was a pause in the making of tea bags during the war. At the end of World War II however, Tetley began selling paper tea bags, which made it a top selling drink in the world.

Organic loose leaf tea is a natural source of amino acid theanine and polyphenolic antioxidant catechins, which are highly valued for their health benefits. Many believe that drinking organic loose leaf tea such as green tea or white tea offers more health benefits as they contain more of these natural products than black tea or even oolong tea.

Brewing times and temperatures will vary depending on the type of tea being brewed as well as on individual tastes. Green, white and those organic loose leaf tea that are considered more delicate can be brewed at temperatures under 200 degrees, while black and oolong are typically steeped in water just below the 212 degree boiling point.

The Amazing Green Tea


For a number of centuries now, Asian countries have been drinking green tea as a beverage as well as for herbal medicine practices. According to old stories, tea was first discovered as a hot beverage in ancient China when tea leaves accidentally landed in a cup of boiling water and the flavor was found to be pleasant. While health benefits of tea are still undergoing researched, green tea has come to be known as being rich in antioxidants and being able to prevent and possibly even cure many ailments.

The processing of tea leaves to dry them out takes place within a day or two of harvesting them. This preserves many of the catechins that occur naturally in teas and prevents the natural fermentation of the leaves that turns them dark. Drinking green tea can be very beneficial since it is full of antioxidants. Antioxidants are believed to reduce the presence of free radicals in the blood stream as well as help prevent the growth of many health problems.

Green tea products are usually sold in crushed and whole leaf form to be used for brewing in hot water. Recently, it has also become available in ready-mix forms for immediate consumption either to be heated or consumed cold. Green tea products are currently one of the fastest growing products for American retailers in terms of sales.

What’s Good About Drinking Green Tea

Following a 12-week study period on green tea infused with catechins, results show that it aids in the reduction of bad cholesterol as well as an increase in good cholesterol. Researchers in Nashville, Tennessee were lead to conclude that drinking green tea used in conjunction with other appropriate dietary methods could be a great aid in reducing cholesterol. Additionally, it could also help people who are battling with overweight issues.

While the Food and Drug Administration of the United States deny some of the health benefits claimed by manufacturers of green tea, they generally recognize the benefits of drinking green tea in reducing the potential for cardiovascular diseases. Clarification on the limitations of the product’s benefits are included in any advertising done that focuses on green tea’s health benefits.

In foreign countries such as Japan where green tea has been used for its health properties, most people claim that drinking green tea as part of a specific diet is highly beneficial. Claims include that green tea helps in the battle against heart disease and cancer, and also helps to energize the body. Many health conscious individuals consider green tea as containing a lot benefits found in a single product.