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Numerous Benefits of Tea

The habit of drinking tea has been around for centuries. The people known for growing tea shrubs and drinking tea are the Chinese. Ancient Chinese peo...


The habit of drinking tea has been around for centuries. The people known for growing tea shrubs and drinking tea are the Chinese. Ancient Chinese people relied on tea to help them maintain weight, keep them healthy and of course cure some common ailments.

The Ancient Chinese have continually benefitted from tea not only because they raise tea shrubs but because this practice has been handed down to them. Other than Chinese the Japanese people are also fond of drinking tea. In fact there’s this ceremony in Japan that is known as the tea ceremony.  Women who are in charge of this ceremony have been trained for years on how to make the perfect tea for the guests. Other than being a tradition there are several benefits of tea that you can enjoy.

Benefits of tea can include protection against free radicals and toxins. Free radicals are found anywhere. It can be found in the food that we eat or in the environment that we are leaving in. Processed foods tend to contain a lot of free radicals and because more and more factories are being built the exhaust of these factories also increases the amount of free radicals found in our environment. Free radicals can be dangerous because it can damage the cells in our body. Cell damage can result to cell mutation and if it becomes malignant then that can become fatal. Tea contains antioxidants that help protect the body from free radical damage. Benefits of tea are numerous and antioxidants are just one of many.

Benefits of tea can also include weight loss and reduction of blood cholesterol levels. Being overweight is a health risk. People that are overweight are at great risk for heart attack and stroke and not only that they are also at risk for suffering any cardiovascular diseases. In addition to that people with excess weight tend to have high blood cholesterol levels. Drinking tea can help them shed those pounds and reduces their risk. In addition to that some teas are capable of helping lower the blood cholesterol level. To enjoy the benefits of tea one has to drink tea regularly. Enjoying the benefits does not happen overnight. You have to make tea a part of your life in order to experience the benefits of tea.

Benefits of tea can be numerous; the two mentioned are just a few. This is the reason why tea is considered a health drink and it is even healthier than those drinks being sold today. In fact it has been said that tea is the better alternative for energy drinks. You can also drink tea in order to rehydrate especially after a long run or after doing activities that made you sweat alot.

The Amazing Green Tea


For a number of centuries now, Asian countries have been drinking green tea as a beverage as well as for herbal medicine practices. According to old stories, tea was first discovered as a hot beverage in ancient China when tea leaves accidentally landed in a cup of boiling water and the flavor was found to be pleasant. While health benefits of tea are still undergoing researched, green tea has come to be known as being rich in antioxidants and being able to prevent and possibly even cure many ailments.

The processing of tea leaves to dry them out takes place within a day or two of harvesting them. This preserves many of the catechins that occur naturally in teas and prevents the natural fermentation of the leaves that turns them dark. Drinking green tea can be very beneficial since it is full of antioxidants. Antioxidants are believed to reduce the presence of free radicals in the blood stream as well as help prevent the growth of many health problems.

Green tea products are usually sold in crushed and whole leaf form to be used for brewing in hot water. Recently, it has also become available in ready-mix forms for immediate consumption either to be heated or consumed cold. Green tea products are currently one of the fastest growing products for American retailers in terms of sales.

What’s Good About Drinking Green Tea

Following a 12-week study period on green tea infused with catechins, results show that it aids in the reduction of bad cholesterol as well as an increase in good cholesterol. Researchers in Nashville, Tennessee were lead to conclude that drinking green tea used in conjunction with other appropriate dietary methods could be a great aid in reducing cholesterol. Additionally, it could also help people who are battling with overweight issues.

While the Food and Drug Administration of the United States deny some of the health benefits claimed by manufacturers of green tea, they generally recognize the benefits of drinking green tea in reducing the potential for cardiovascular diseases. Clarification on the limitations of the product’s benefits are included in any advertising done that focuses on green tea’s health benefits.

In foreign countries such as Japan where green tea has been used for its health properties, most people claim that drinking green tea as part of a specific diet is highly beneficial. Claims include that green tea helps in the battle against heart disease and cancer, and also helps to energize the body. Many health conscious individuals consider green tea as containing a lot benefits found in a single product.