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Flu Immune 500 is Packed with Green Tea

Our body is well-protected by a strong immune system. If working properly, our immune system is a potent force against bacteria, viruses, toxins and g...


Our body is well-protected by a strong immune system. If working properly, our immune system is a potent force against bacteria, viruses, toxins and germs that invade our body. The immune system is a highly adaptable system; it can optimize its response when attacked with unwanted intrusions. However, this power needs to be reinforced and that is why vitamins are very useful in giving our immune system the much needed sustenance.

Sure, when our body is fine and working properly, we don’t give much notice that this is our immune system working 24/7 to protect us. Some consider being health conscious and eating lots of vegetables as enough protection. However, a lot of nutrients are lost after harvesting and cooking. It is then no wonder why vitamin supplements are popular and quite rightly so.

Flu Immune 500 is a vitamin supplement ideal in keeping your body’s sustenance at a high level so that your immune system would be prepared to take care of you once a barrage of bacteria, viruses, toxins and germs attack you.

When your immune system is weakened, you are not only more susceptible to disease, but also less able to fight back once it gets a foothold. From your routine, sleeping habits to a healthier diet, there are lots of simple changes in your daily lifestyle that can help the body develop defenses that are not too weak or too strong, but just about right.

Flu Immune 500 is perfect in protecting you against colds and flu. With the incoming flu season and the growing number of AH1N1 cases, it is best that you are prepared.

Flu Immune 500 contains popular components against diseases: Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), Vitamin E (dl-Alpha toco.), Green Tea (40% extract); as well a natural ingredients ideal for the immune system: Graviola (powder), Korean Ginseng (powder), Pine Bark (95% extract), Mushroom Complex (from Shitake, Reishi and Maitake), Pomegranate (40% ellagic acid), Red Raspberry Juice Extract, Garlic (powder), Beta-Glucan, Quercetin, ARA-6 (arabinogalactan), and more.

All you have to do is take Flu Immune 500 once daily to prevent flu or 6 times daily during acute symptoms (throughout the day). However, as a precaution, as in any vitamin supplement that you take, if you are on medication or suffer any health problems, consult with your doctor first.

RezBerry Ultra Uses Green Tea Power


Having a healthy body condition is a general concern shared by every person in the society. Because of the significance of keeping our body healthy, people invest much time, effort, and resources to the development of the health aspect by coming up with better and more efficient approaches and solutions for to maintain a healthy environment.

The manifestation of the said interest is largely evident in the present society wherein there are numerous modern ways and approaches towards achieving healthy living conditions. This trend includes the presence of various nutritional supplement options and exercise assistance program to cultivate a healthy lifestyle for the present population.

One particularly growing trend is the interest towards healthy supplements.

RezBerry Ultra is one of these highly popular health supplements available in the market. RezBerry Ultra’s formula is composed of purely natural ingredients. These are the superfood Acai Berry, Green Tea and Resveratrol. These ingredients have been touted as super sources of the body’s essential nutrients.

This blend of powerful extracts uses the various properties of the three main components. What you end up with is a master pill that is specially made to help your immune system buffer any possible changes to your body.

By simply taking RezBerry Ultra twice a day, you will also get rid of those unwanted pounds in only a matter of few days of use. In painstaking testing, people who regularly took RezBerry Ultra reportedly had an average weight loss of 15 pounds over two months. People who took RezBerry Ultra lost almost 5 times the amount of weight than those who only adjusted their eating and exercise schedule over two months. Until now, those results were unheard of among health professionals.

RezBerry Ultra is the perfect choice for men who want to be a lean, healthy body because of its potent weight loss properties due to the combination of the three weight loss ingredients.

Teavana Monkey Picked Oolong Tea


Wu long is known around the world under a variety of names, including oolong (the most popular name) and Wu-Yi tea. Wu Long tea is known around the world as a delicious, light tea with barely any caffeine content. The benefits of oolong tea have always been popular in the Orient but this product has recently risen in demand in the West as a diet aid.

Wu long tea is made of the same tea leaves as green tea and black tea, but has been processed differently, to add a more delicate and slightly nutty flavor. Green tea is made directly from the leaves of the tea bush known as Camellia sinensis. Black tea is processed by roasting and drying and sometimes blended with other flavors. But oolong tea leaves have been sun or air dried, rolled and bruised, then partially cooked. This intensive process is the reason why oolong tea is more expensive than other types of tea products.

The palate for oolong tea is something that is acquired. This is a very light but smooth tea that lacks the bitterness of green tea or any other flavor for that matter. Some people have never really gotten used to its taste, and usually prefer black, green and herbal teas to oolong. But oolong tea is the perfect choice if you need a low-caffeine hot drink to soothe the stomach.

The Teavana Monkey Picked Oolong Tea is the ultimate oolong tea. When infused, the unbroken, evenly-sized leaves gracefully unfurl to reveal the most complex Oolong bouquet available. Its legendary name refers to Buddist monks who trained monkeys to harvest the youngest leaves from the top of the wild tea trees. Presently the term “Monkey Picked” refers to the highest quality of Oolong tea available. This tea is perfect for multiple infusions.

Oolong tea does not usually come in tea bags because of the shape of the leaves. It is usually available in loose form. Teavana Monkey Picked Oolong Tea comes in 2oz for only $25.