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Green Tea RX: Anti-Aging Solution

Everyone can have long-term healthy, beautiful and vibrant skin by using natural facial skin care. It is an affordable luxury that works wonders for a...


Everyone can have long-term healthy, beautiful and vibrant skin by using natural facial skin care. It is an affordable luxury that works wonders for all skin types and tones, as well as for all ages. Natural facial skin care products are made specifically to safely treat acne, rosacea, eczema and other skin disorders, as well as to fight the signs of aging skin.

Green Tea RX is one such product. This anti aging cream helps you attain that healthy and glowing skin without having to worry about harmful side effects.

As we age, our protection against diseases decreases and this includes skin problems. Just because it is an inevitable phenomenon does not mean we should just allow it to happen to us. We have to be proactive when it comes to our health if we want to live a long and healthy life.

Constant exposure to the sun and the chemicals found in soaps may lead to different skin problems.

This anti aging cream gives you that gentle, natural and efficient treatment that your skin needs and deserves.
How does Green Tea RX do this?

The ingredients of this anti aging cream are specially mixed not only to combat the natural aging process but also to be a future barrier for your skin. The main ingredients of Green Tea RX include: Green Tea extract, anti-oxidants, nourishing protein, as well as anti-carcinogens.

The antioxidants found in the formula of Green Tea RX protect you by hydrating and moisturizing your skin. They also slow the aging process thus making your skin healthy and firm. This natural facial skin care product helps in eliminating the damages caused by free radicals, consequently removing wrinkles.

The anti-carcinogens in this anti aging cream mainly contain collagen. Collagen is important in your skin’s ability to recover after damage. By using Green Tea RX, you can look forward to a younger look as soon as seven days use of this product.

If you want to maintain the health of your skin, it is important to remember that prevention is always better than treatment. By taking care of your skin now with natural skin care products like Green Tea RX, you are helping your skin preserve its well being.

Extreme Green Tea: Ultimate Weight Loss Solution


Extreme Green Tea contains the powerful and effective ingredients for weight loss available, and it may be just the “kick” your diet and weight loss regimen needs to have is desired effects.Green Tea extreme also contains a blend of green tea, guarana and citrus aurantium that amplify different qualities of Green Teas. Citrus aurantium or bitter orange is related to ephedrine and produces similar appetite suppressant and stimulant effects, standardized for synephrine. It is said to be an effective alternative to ephedra as a thermogenic ingredient, clinical data validating synephrine’s fat burning abilities is in short supply.

The purpose of Extreme Green Tea is to generate a thermogenic response in the body to boost metabolism and burn fat at a quicker rate. Guarana is a rainforest plant that produces berries with five times the amount of caffeine as coffee. Caffeine is a known thermogenic. When used in combination with green tea it is quiet helpful, mostly because of the caffeine content. The duo of caffeine and green tea for weight loss can give great results. One green tea, guarana study showed an elevation in 24 hour energy expenditure.

Extreme Green Tea is a natural dietary supplement. Its ingredients are all FDA-approved, and are known to boost weight loss. There are no known side effects, but you should always talk to your doctor before you begin taking a new supplement.

Not bad, for a tiny little packet that you mix into a glass or a bottle of water. Extreme Green Tea’s main ingredient has thermogenic properties, which oxidize fat and naturally increase your body’s metabolism. This process oxidizes fat, and increases calorie burn. It is very effective when it’s used in combination with a reduced-calorie diet and an active and regular exercise program. This product can definitely help you to reach your weight-loss goals. Extreme Green Tea is only one of so very many dietary products out tehere, and just like most it has two effective ingredients that others might not have.

Extreme Green Tea claims to be created with 100% green tea extract. The ingredients in Extreme Green Tea all have scientific support, most people notice a difference after 3-5 months of continued use along with a reduced-calorie diet and exercise program. There’s no denying green tea is a smart addition to any fat burner and might be worth giving a try.

Extreme Green Tea is, for a limited-time, being offered in a 14-day free trial, what you have to pay is shipping and handling.

There Are So Many Green Tea Extract Benefits


In some ways the Chinese have always been way ahead of western medical professionals. For instance, in China and other countries in Asia, people have been ingesting green tea for medicinal purposes for several thousand years. Conversely here in the United States we did not begin to acknowledge green tea extract benefits until relatively recently, when the health advantages were established by several hundred scientific studies.

We now know that green tea extract benefits can be attributed to the powerful antioxidants it contains. Green tea is full of very potent antioxidants called polyphenols and flavonols, the most powerful of which is EGCG. These antioxidants counteract damaging free radicals which occur naturally in the body and are exacerbated by environmental toxins and pollutants. Free radicals damage human health by attacking and changing the DNA in our cells.

Internal Use

Research proves that green tea extract has several benefits when ingested as a supplement. One of the most important green tea extract benefits is that it can effectively prohibit the growth of certain types of cancer cell. It is particularly good for fighting ovarian, peast, lung and esophageal cancers. It can also lower bad LDL cholesterol levels and protect against strokes and cardiovascular disease.

There are several other known green tea extract benefits that persuade people to ingest it as a supplement. Organic green tea extract can slow the development of arthritis, aid digestion, regulate the blood sugar and make it easier to shed unwanted pounds by metabolizing fats. It also fights the signs of aging by keeping the DNA in the cells undamaged for longer. Green tea is every bit as powerful as many prescription drugs, yet it has far fewer side effects associated with it.

Topical Use

You may have noticed that several skincare products contain green tea, and there is a good reason why it is the latest big thing in the beauty industry. Green tea extract benefits the skin in several different ways. First of all, it is an astringent, which means it helps to heal up pimples and scars. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and the antioxidants it contains can counterbalance the damage caused by the sun’s rays, which helps to stop the skin from aging prematurely.

If you want to try skincare products that contain green tea extract you can shop for them online or in the beauty departments of various stores in your municipality. However, if you peruse the web you will find several tutorials that tell you exactly how to make your own inexpensive skincare products that contain green tea extract.