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Does Wu-Yi Tea Have Weight Loss Properties?

There is a debate raging over the weight-loss properties of wu-yi tea, being promoted on several fronts as offering improved metabolism through its us...


There is a debate raging over the weight-loss properties of wu-yi tea, being promoted on several fronts as offering improved metabolism through its use. Many questionable claims are being made as to its ability to help people lose weight without altering any other part of the lifestyle. The name wu-yi tea itself may be somewhat confusing as it is a type of oolong tea, grown in the Wu-Yi Mountain of Fujian Province in China.

The majority of oolong teas are grown in this location and are noted for their antioxidant ingredients as well as their many health benefits. However, with most oolong teas, there has not been any claims tying them to weight loss as is claimed with wu-yi tea. While some of the most expensive oolong teas originate from this region, and many claim to be organic, they are all grown in essentially the same soil.

Among the teas grown in this region are some of the most famous China teas including Da Hong Pao, translated into Big Red Robe and Shui Jin Gui, or golden turtle. China is the undisputed beginning of tea and many are attributing health-related benefits to different types of teas with wu-yi tea getting the most play for benefiting weight loss.

Many Health Claims Still Being Studied

As with most organic products that have been in use for centuries, modern medicine is still researching the claimed benefits. While studies have concluded that many of the claims made by manufacturers of tea have merit, other studies leave many questions unanswered. The ability of wu-yi tea to help patients lose weight may be getting lost in some of the hype by sellers of the tea.

Many of the claims may seem outlandish by traditional standards, such as losing up to 20 pounds a month without changing eating habits. Accompanied by the standard disclaimer of results not being typical, many are not taking the claim of the wu-yi tea benefits of weight loss seriously. Studies on its use in weight loss have been minimal and while it is possible that wu-yi tea can benefit those trying to lose weight, there may be something lost in the translation.

There is little doubt that tea contains certain natural ingredients such as antioxidants and catechin along with amino acid theanine that have proven health benefits. However, as an oolong tea, wu-yi tea is fermented closer to black tea than it is to green tea and even at a further level from white, to make its claims stand up to public scrutiny.

Shopping for Tea Kettles


Tea is and has been one of the most popular beverages around and is definitely one that calms the nerves best. So, if you are interested in brewing your own tea at home, then one of the first things you need to get are paraphernalia. The essential item is the tea kettle. You can find tea kettles very easily and for a very reasonable price you just have to know where to look.

Where to Shop

If you are looking for tea kettles, one of the first places you will want to check out is the Espresso Zone Company, which is online and is for sure one of the best companies available when it comes to teapots, kettles and such. They recognize that drinking tea is a tradition or social ritual in virtually all parts of the world and that it exists as an important cultural component.

There are so many options that you have available to you here which is truly great, and helps to make the tea making and drinking process that much more enjoyable. It is therefore important that you find a quality tea kettle that will suit your specific tea making needs. No matter if you need a smaller or larger kettle, one that is portable or not, and so on.

The Espresso Zone Company has a huge catalog of tea kettles for you to pick from.  The more popular choices include: Assam Cast Iron Tea Press, Blue Willow Tea Pot with Infuser, Bodum Assam Tea, Bodum Ibis Electric Water Kettle, Bodum Ibis Electric Water Kettle in stainless steel, Chantal Classic Stainless Steel tea kettle, Chantal Loop Stainless Steel tea kettle, and the Chef’s Choice Stainless Steel Electric Kettle and the list goes on.

Another great company that you can go to is the Teavana Company.  Teavana is known for selling fresh, high quality teas and the products to serve them. Every of their retail stores posses a different, unique tea experience by encouraging a positive and healthy outlook for all those who enter a Teavana.

They feature all various sizes of tea kettles, and also run those which are specifically designed for a particular type of tea.  Ranging from green and black to oolong and white they have the perfect kettle for it that can unleash the flavors fully.

There are so many interesting tea kettles on the market that you can choose from. So, by putting in a bit of time to browse around in different stores and check out your options, you are sure to find the perfect tea kettle mode to get the full tea taste.