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Tea Story: The Origins of Tea

Have you ever wondered about the origins of that tea that you are sipping? Have you ever wondered how it is grown and processed? Have you ever though ...


Have you ever wondered about the origins of that tea that you are sipping? Have you ever wondered how it is grown and processed? Have you ever though about the different kinds of tea? Well, avid tea drinkers will certainly ask this questions especially those who made tea drinker a regular part of their day. Tea is indeed the better alternative to coffee. One is due to the fact that it has more healht benefits and two is that it contains only the right amount of caffeine that will keep you stimulated and awake through out the day. Tea has been around for thousands of years but the people in the west have just discovered it just recently. But how is tea made? Well that is the question the tea story is aiming to answer.

The tea story is actually the story of the origins of tea. However, since there are different types of type it is safe to say the their origins may differ. Tea in general do come from one plant an that is the tea shrub. Green tea, white tea, black tea are simply types of tea, the term is usually  based on the color that is produced once the tea leaves are immersed in hot water. The tea story also includes tales on how tea was traditionally brewed which is unlike the present wherein tea leaves are already placed in tea bags and are ready to drink. The tea story also mentions that the tea originally came from China.

The famous Lipton Tea Company also has its own tea story to tell. Believe it or not the Lipton Tea Company was originally a convenience store. It only began selling tea when the owner bought five tea plantations. When the product was first introduced it was warmly welcomed by the people and they become fond of it since then the Lipton Tea

Company has never stopped making tea. Up to the present the Lipton Tea is a household name and people believed that there is no better tea than Lipton Tea. The tea story of this company is rather simple and humble. In fact it is even safe to say that the the intial plan of the owner didn’t include producing tea not until he was able to buy those plantations. Whatever his plan was he surely gave the world the healthiest drink one can ever drink.

Each tea company have its own tea story. The Lipton Tea Company is just one of the many tea companies that produce tea. However, hearing a tea story can certainly help us gain a better understanding on how and where the tea we are sipping came from. In addition to that the tea story can also help us appreciate more the benefits we can get from drinking tea everyday.

Shopping for Tea Kettles


Tea is and has been one of the most popular beverages around and is definitely one that calms the nerves best. So, if you are interested in brewing your own tea at home, then one of the first things you need to get are paraphernalia. The essential item is the tea kettle. You can find tea kettles very easily and for a very reasonable price you just have to know where to look.

Where to Shop

If you are looking for tea kettles, one of the first places you will want to check out is the Espresso Zone Company, which is online and is for sure one of the best companies available when it comes to teapots, kettles and such. They recognize that drinking tea is a tradition or social ritual in virtually all parts of the world and that it exists as an important cultural component.

There are so many options that you have available to you here which is truly great, and helps to make the tea making and drinking process that much more enjoyable. It is therefore important that you find a quality tea kettle that will suit your specific tea making needs. No matter if you need a smaller or larger kettle, one that is portable or not, and so on.

The Espresso Zone Company has a huge catalog of tea kettles for you to pick from.  The more popular choices include: Assam Cast Iron Tea Press, Blue Willow Tea Pot with Infuser, Bodum Assam Tea, Bodum Ibis Electric Water Kettle, Bodum Ibis Electric Water Kettle in stainless steel, Chantal Classic Stainless Steel tea kettle, Chantal Loop Stainless Steel tea kettle, and the Chef’s Choice Stainless Steel Electric Kettle and the list goes on.

Another great company that you can go to is the Teavana Company.  Teavana is known for selling fresh, high quality teas and the products to serve them. Every of their retail stores posses a different, unique tea experience by encouraging a positive and healthy outlook for all those who enter a Teavana.

They feature all various sizes of tea kettles, and also run those which are specifically designed for a particular type of tea.  Ranging from green and black to oolong and white they have the perfect kettle for it that can unleash the flavors fully.

There are so many interesting tea kettles on the market that you can choose from. So, by putting in a bit of time to browse around in different stores and check out your options, you are sure to find the perfect tea kettle mode to get the full tea taste.

Great Recycle Ideas For Old Tea Pots


Why chuck those old tea pots or pitchers that have been lying around since forever, neat trinkets can be made out of them, especially if they only have minor damage. Tea pots that are completely shattered of course are better off being swept up into the bin. It always seemed a shame to me whenever one of my tea pots develops a crack or the spout breaks off or the shellac wore down and damaged the design. Tea pots/pitchers represent coziness and the comfort and safety one can find in a home. Considering all the joy they’ve brewed for me, seems the least I could do is find a retirement home of some sort for them.

As Indoor/Outdoor Ornament

It’s a belief that water fountains require large space. However, it is not always so, and a fountain can be small yet beautiful. In fact, you can make a teapot fountain yourself that can be decorated anywhere inside or outside your home. Logically, a teapot water fountain will require less space and time since you can make it in an hour.

You can beautify your patch of land use old tea pots/pitcher as cute alternatives to flower pots or ornaments in your garden or in your house. Depending on the kind of vegetation, you might want to drill a few holes in the bottom so any excess water can drain or you could use your old tea pot as vases for real or artificial flowers. You might want to half-bury one and stick a fairy or butterfly figuring on top to add color to a garden in winter, or just simply to make your garden look unique and inviting.

As A Coin Bank

This is an especially good retirement job for animal shaped teapots or tea tops that are relatively small. They can be pretty little keepers for all the loose pocket change that rolls around in handbags, coats and lies around counter tops. Some people like to keep rubber bands or paper clips, pins, or any loose odds and ends that you don’t know where to place. Try to place any old tea pots used for coin banks low enough so you don’t have to lift them up or handle them. Picking them up when full might completely shatter them. Try to use old teapots/pitcher with a mouth wide enough to stick your hand in.

As A Spell Component

Those who follow a pagan faith like Wicca make use of spell components to help make effective spells. You can practice magic without having to be of a particular faith or use it as party game or toasting game when you entertain. You might use an old tea pot to “brew” a wish into fruition, such as when you start a new business or relationship. Old tea pots are full of associations of good times and nourishing, comforting tea, so those associations will make the old tea pot a magnet for positive vibes.

As A Collectable

A teapot collection should not be hidden away in a closet. You should display your teapots/pitchers in a way that shows their delicate lines and beautiful patterns. The Teapots should be repaired if you choose to make them part of your interior design, but you can always hide chips or fine cracks by only showing the “good side” of that particular item. Old tea pots can blend in any room. Many teapots are like small works of art, and should be enjoyed for more then brewing tea. There are many ways to display your teapots that will highlight their charm.