Stash Premium Organic Premium Green Tea Tea Bags

Brand:Stash Average Rating 3 reviews A blend of top quality organically grown green tea with classic flavor and bouquet. Lightly caffeinated and rich...

Brand: Stash
Average Rating
3 reviews

A blend of top quality organically grown green tea with classic flavor and bouquet. Lightly caffeinated and rich in antioxidants, this tea has a beautiful golden color in the cup and a delicate, slightly sweet taste. Sip plain to appreciate its flavor. USDA organic. Certified organic by QAI. Organic farming maintains ecological harmony, leaving a legacy of clean foods and healthy soil. It embraces the use of natural fertilizers, crop rotation and other safe and natural methods. Stash Premium Organic Teas were created to meet the growing demand for organic products. We searched for many years for premium quality organic teas and herbs that would meet our exacting flavor standards. We’ve chosen popular tea flavors or consumers who want an organic choice. We’re sure you’ll agree that these teas are wonderfully flavorful. We invite you to join us in a soothing cup. Since 1972, Stash has been committed to providing premium quality teas and an unsurpassed tea drinking experience. Stash begins with simply excellent tea leaves from the world’s premier tea gardens and all natural botanical ingredients gathered from around the world. Meticulous blending and tasting of every tea ensures you will enjoy full flavor in every cup. more info

3 Responses to “Stash Premium Organic Premium Green Tea Tea Bags”

  1. Zack Davisson says:

    Cuppa Green
    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    Like many regular tea drinkers I prefer the loose-leaf variety when I am at home, but the afternoon cuppa at work calls for something a little less complicated. I am OK with sacrificing flavor for convenience, while saving some pennies at the same time.

    So far, I have been pleasantly surprised by Stash’s brands of Certified Organic green teas. I have drank both this straight green tea and the Stash Premium Organic Earl Grey Black and Green Tea combination. The teas come from the Yamamotoyama Brazilian tea gardens, which were initially planted with Japanese seedlings. The processing methods and standards are all based on Japanese system.

    The flavor of this Premium Green Tea is really nice, with a subtle grassy flavor that I enjoy in decent green teas. I find that too many American-produced green teas are “watered down” in flavor, lacking the oomph that one finds in a true Japanese or Chinese green tea. This cup, however, is close to the real thing. It also gives off a nice green color, which is always a good sign.

    By no means the best tea you will ever drink, but this Premium Green Tea might just possibly the best inexpensive tea-bag style green tea on the market.

  2. Trevor Burnham says:

    Good tea for the price
    Rating:4 out of 5 stars
    I drink loose-leaf tea while I’m at home, but bags are more convenient when I’m at work, so I drink this. It’s not the best green tea I’ve ever tasted, but it’s inexpensive (especially via Subscribe & Save) and has a good brand reputation. If you’re a casual fan of green tea, this will do nicely.

  3. A. Smothers says:

    Excellent Green Tea from a real Tea drinker!
    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    I have had the pleasure of exploring and experimenting with Green tea for the last five years. During that time, I believe that I have sampled the gamut of options on the market today. From rare, true Gyokuro tea from Kyoto, Japan at a friend’s home which cost over $500USD/lb to cheap generic Sencha. I have had the pleasure to seek out various types of green tea from Lung Chung, Putuo Fo Cha and many others. I am always searching, tasting and learning about tea and its amazing health benefits.

    However, I was looking for something both readily available, cost effective and of excellent quality. Not an easy combination of traits at all considering my experience. I settled on the Stash brands of Teas and this version being the organic version was just pennies more than the non-organic green tea version from Stash. After researching, I discovered that this tea is grown and processed not in Japan but Brazil, yet from my personal experience, it rivals the Japanese tea leaf for leaf.

    The warm, rich tea that is produced after a moderate boiling temperature is very refreshing. Personally, I steep for about 3 minutes today and then allow it to rest up to a mild warm temperature where you can truly start tasting the mild notes of organic flavor. There is no taste of excessive tannins, bitterness, nor rough processing that comes through in its flavor. It is quite purely, an excellent tasting, fresh & mild form of green tea. Very enjoyable and surprising! 🙂

    Color is medium green to very slight brown in cup. Expected since this tea is not produced in the traditional “Gyokuro” shade growing and yielding techniques, but it is actually very flavorful and easy to drink. (Even for new green tea drinkers who might be turned off by some of the most traditional blends) — something I cannot say for some of the more expensive Green teas. They can be quite hard to get used to at first!

    I can add nothing else but to note that for the price and for the fact that it is truly certified organic, I cannot recommend this tea enough.

    It is a simply outstanding value for an excellent variety, flavor and production of pure green tea. For about $0.15 a cup, I cannot imagine where else you could possible buy a more flavorful organic drink that has so many tremendously wonderful health benefits.

    Cheers to STASH Tea for bringing us such an amazing cup of Green Tea goodness. Even after traveling the world and back, I was pleasantly surprised to find this STASH tea….At this price, I will make it a great habit of STASHING more of this away for safe keeping.

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