Stash Premium Organic Earl Grey Black and Green

Brand:Stash Average Rating 3 reviews Premium. Our Earl Grey is a blend of organic black and organic green teas with oil of bergamot. This premium ble...

Brand: Stash
Average Rating
3 reviews

Premium. Our Earl Grey is a blend of organic black and organic green teas with oil of bergamot. This premium blend is highly aromatic and flavorful with a hint of light citrus. It’s a wonderful afternoon or after dinner tea. Organic farming maintains ecological harmony, leaving a legacy of clean foods and healthy soil. It embraces the use of natural methods. Stash Premium Organic Teas were created to meet the growing demand for organic products. We searched many years for premium quality organic teas and herbs that would meet our exacting flavor standards. We’ve chosen popular tea flavors for consumers who want an organic choice. We’re sure you’ll agree that these teas are wonderfully flavorful. We invite you to join us in a soothing cup. Since 1972, Stash has been committed to providing premium quality teas and an unsurpassed tea drinking experience. Stash begins with simply excellent tea leaves from the world’s premier tea gardens and all natural botanical ingredients gathered from around the world. Meticulous blending and tasting of every tea ensures you will enjoy full flavor in every cup. 100% Natural organically grown good for you good for the earth. USDA Organic. more info

3 Responses to “Stash Premium Organic Earl Grey Black and Green”

  1. Yvette says:

    Great tea that is also good for you!
    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    The combination of green and black tea can be tasted in every sip. The fragrance of bergamot is intoxicating. The use of organic ingredients also adds to the overall appreciation of the tea.

  2. Leslie Pellegrini says:

    Fabulous tea
    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    We are major tea drinkers and this Stash Premium Organic Earl Grey tea is wonderful. Great flavor, great price and added benefit of getting antioxidants. A win/win for everyone!!! Highly recommended

  3. Zack Davisson says:

    Interesting blend
    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    My two teas of choice are green tea and earl grey. Green tea goes great with meals, and early grey makes a nice morning or evening relaxing drink. When I saw a package combing them both, I had to give it a try.

    And it is good. The mixing of green and black teas has a unique flavor, and the oil of the rind of a bergamot orange gives it that distinct “earl grey” taste. Overall, it tastes much more like the classic earl grey black tea, with those notes overpowering the green tea, but it does have a lighter flavor than pure earl grey.

    I don’t know if this will be come a regular drink for me, but it was a pleasant surprise and one that I will pull out every now and then. It would be a fantastic beverage for those seeking the health benefits of green tea but aren’t particularly taken with the flavor. It is also an organic tea, which is an added bonus in flavor, health and overall quality of product.

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