Lipton Herbal Tea Orange Tea Bags 20Count Boxes

Brand: Lipton Average Rating 3 reviews Lipton Orange Herbal Tea, just like all of Lipton's Herbals, is produ...

Brand: Lipton
Average Rating
3 reviews

Lipton Orange Herbal Tea, just like all of Lipton’s Herbals, is produced from flowers, herbs, fruits, and also spices in order to come up with a flavorful, aromatic cup you can take pleasure in anytime day or night. This particular blend of tangy oranges, spices, as well as herbs produces a most “appealing” all-natural drink which quenches your thirst any time.

Serve Orange Herbal Tea hot or iced, with or without any sweetener. We take tangy oranges and then squeeze them together with the spices and the herbs to come up with this particular product.

The Lipton Orange Herbal Tea is comprised of six boxes that contain twenty teabags each, garnering a total of a hundred and twenty. It makes use of only natural ingredients, such as licorice root, cinnamon, organic orange flowers, orange peeling, cloves, roasted chicory root and hibiscus flowers. There is no single amount of caffeine included, along with other added preservatives or artificial colorings.

Many say that this is the best tea that has ever made by Lipton. Its mild orange taste is very addictive. In fact, many say that once they tried this certain tea product, they just could not go back to others. more info

3 Responses to “Lipton Herbal Tea Orange Tea Bags 20Count Boxes”

  1. Carol Primus says:

    A delightful taste treat!
    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    I discovered this wonderful tea in the “Blue Store” on Staniel Cay in the Bahamas earlier this year. It is so comforting and the aroma is out of this world! I can’t wait until it is available!

  2. J. Zalucky says:

    Perfect for anytime…
    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    I love all kinds of herbal tea, but this simple orange flavor is just delicious… perfect for any time. I am so sad I can’t find it, though. I used to be able to buy it in my local grocery store, and now they don’t carry it. When I find it again, I’m going to stock up. I have only six tea bags left!!

  3. D. Peoples says:

    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    This is the best tea ever made by lipton. I am totally addicted to it’s mild orange flavor. You can rarely find this tea in stores. Once you try this tea you will never go back to others…

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