Twining’s Infusions Camomile Orange Linden Herbal Tea 8Count

Brand: Tassimo Average Rating 3 reviews Twinings has been always ahead of its time. When Thomas Twining bega...

Brand: Tassimo
Average Rating
3 reviews

Twinings has been always ahead of its time. When Thomas Twining began selling tea to London society in 1706, a major new way of life trend took off. Back then, the majority of people sipped ale for breakfast every day! Within the 300 years since, we’ve come to enjoy our tea so significantly that it’s difficult to imagine a time without having it.

In the event that you’re searching for a delicious alternative to tea as well as coffee, why not try out Twinings Infusions? They are normally caffeine free and also low in calories. From the time you include freshly boiled water and also release its heady fragrance, a Twinings Infusion is the perfect way to feel at one with the world. We have a scrumptious variety of classic organic infusions or in the event that you are looking for a fuller flavor try our fruit infusions.

No one knows tea like Twinings. The finest ingredients coupled with three hundred years of experience makes Twinings the actual tea experts. With nearly 200 Twinings mixes to choose from, there is something special for every person – every one has its own special aroma, flavor and character. Twinings is actually fully committed to improving the working condition for tea plantation employees world-wide. more info

3 Responses to “Twining’s Infusions Camomile Orange Linden Herbal Tea 8Count”

  1. Joe Bagadonuts says:

    Would have liked a little more spice
    Rating:4 out of 5 stars
    I like this tea, but find it to be a little lighter in flavor than I had hoped. I added a small amount of spiced honey as a sweetener to round the flavor out.

  2. Ryan Frye says:

    Shipped almost outdated product to me.
    Rating:1 out of 5 stars
    I bought this product on Amazon on a “pre-order.” I would assume that would mean that the product is new, not almost expired. I received this product on 12/29/09. It came with an expiration date of 1/10/10. Very disappointing from Amazon.

  3. Shannie AKA 'TheJavaGoddess' says:

    The BEST Chamomille EVER!
    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    I rarely buy tea discs, why bother when a tea bag and boiling water are so much cheaper and almost as easy? This is the ONE tea I always have on hand in a disc. I like chamomille, but absolutely LOVE this blend. It isn’t so much that you can taste the other flowers/leaves…it just tastes like the best chamomille you’ll ever sip. Worth every penny, doesn’t need any sweetner.

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