Bigelow I Love Lemon Herbal Tea 20Count Boxes

Brand: Bigelow Average Rating 7 reviews Starting from the moment our founder, Ruth Campbell Bigelow created ...

Brand: Bigelow
Average Rating
7 reviews

Starting from the moment our founder, Ruth Campbell Bigelow created tea in her kitchen area in 1945; our family has focused on merely a single thing, which was attempting to be able to make the greatest teas attainable. Over the many years we have introduced quite a few new flavors as well as ideas in tea. At this time we provide you with a variety of deliciously diverse blends of teas as well as green teas, a broad range of natural and organic teas and teas flavored together with real fruit juice. Today Bigelow Tea is the number one specialty tea company in the United States.

Bigelow takes tremendous delight when it comes to supplying the tea drinking community with the best tea at a great price. We only use handpicked teas, real spices, flavors and also herbal products. The tastes and also combinations we have produced are second to none. A number of our teas have up to twenty different ingredients! And simply because tea is a leaf that can dry out we take measures to safeguard it. In order to keep the teas fresh, we close off our tea bags in protective packets. We merely have to protect those enchanting flavors. That is why a cup of Bigelow Tea is aromatic as well as delicious; a true indulgence for the senses. more info

7 Responses to “Bigelow I Love Lemon Herbal Tea 20Count Boxes”

  1. Silver Rose says:

    a lemony treat
    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    I love lemon tea and the only place to buy it is a 80 miles trip to a large town. The only lemon tea you can purchase here in town is lemon tea with spice.

    I am so glad to have good tea. You get great flavor with all Biglow teas & a great variety. Because they are sealed, they never taste stale.

  2. Jason S. Miller says:

    Wife’s favorite Flavor
    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    This was the only place we found this flavor (that we like to shop at) now she orders it for her friends.

  3. B. Saghy says:

    Employer always running out!
    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    This stuff is amazingly popular at work. The boxes empty very fast relative to all of the other tea that is provided in the coffee rooms.

    Citrusy, tart, and slightly minty, you can’t go wrong with this tea. Plus, since it’s caffeine free its easy to drink a lot of it and not feel bad doing so. Enjoy!

  4. Hervian Rose says:

    Really lemony without being too sour.
    Rating:4 out of 5 stars
    We get it by “subscription” and it usually runs out before the next box comes.

    It’s a little bland and tends to be a “sick day” favorite.

  5. Brooke Palmer says:

    I DO love lemon!
    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    I’ve tried several different lemon herbal teas and this one has the best taste by far. It isn’t bitter like some of the others. You can add real lemon juice to it to make the taste a little stronger or enjoy the mildness of it just like it is.

  6. Jerry Ross says:

    I Love My “I Love Lemon Herbal Tea”
    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    If you like lemon you will love “I Love Lemon”! I have been drinking this tea for years and have never lost my taste for it. If you make a second cup of tea from the same tea bag it has a more lemony flavor as the Rose Hips dissolved out in the first cup. Two different teas in the same tea bag!!!

  7. Kurt A. Johnson says:

    Wonderfully lemony
    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    R.C. Bigelow, Inc. was begun in 1945 by Ruth Campbell Bigelow, a tea connoisseur who wanted to offer even more taste opportunities to American tea drinkers. Among the teas that Bigelow presents is their wonderful I Love Lemon herbal tea, a crisp and lemony herbal infusion that includes rose hips, lemongrass, lemon flavor, lemon peep, lemon verbena, and peppermint leaves.

    Overall, I found this to be a very good tea. It is wonderfully lemony, but the rose hips help smooth it out, while the peppermint leaves add a subtle zip to the drink. It makes a great iced tea, and is absolutely perfect hot when you have a cold or similar illness. So, if you want a great herbal tea, one that really hits the spot when its warm or cold, then get Bigelow’s I Love Lemon herbal tea.

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